Saturday, 17 November 2012

Birthday Banter!

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you're all doing wonderfully! I apologise for my absence this past week regarding my blog. I have been very busy with various activities, which I love. I really enjoy being busy, but I will make sure to make time for my blog.

This week has been exciting for me, as today is my birthday! I love birthdays, as I'm still young enough to enjoy them and not avoid them! Anyway, this post is just a little update and telling you a bit about what I got up to for my birthday. If you're not interested, feel free not to read as I am aware many may not be excited to hear about my birthday!

I'm not too big on birthday parties but this year I decided I'd do something to celebrate by just having a small group of friends together. Around eight of my friends and I went to a nearby hotel and had lovely afternoon tea. It was gorgeous! Definitely a nice treat for us all and all the food was so delicious. The rest of my day was pretty relaxed, spending the evening with my family watching the X Factor. 

I know it sounds cheesy and cliché, but I honestly feel so blessed to have everything I have. I have an amazing family and a great group of friends. This birthday has just highlighted that fact.

Anyway, leaving the mushy stuff behind I'll talk a bit about what you can expect on my little chunk of the internet in the coming weeks! I am debating whether or not to do a "Birthday Presents" post. I know many people feel it's just a way of bragging but I really love reading them, so if you do too please let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@missbeautyblogg). I will definitely be doing reviews on lots of products, some which I have received for my birthday.

The next two weeks will be very busy for me. Next weekend I will be in Germany, to visit the Christmas markets, for a couple of days and then soon after that, I am going to Singapore and Dubai! I am so excited but I don't know what the story is regarding internet over there and access to a computer so I will do my best regarding blogging. I will definitely do a post or two about my trips as I'm sure I'll get the chance to take some lovely photos I can share with you all!

Well that's a little glimpse into my life at the moment!

Thanks for reading!

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Friday, 9 November 2012

The Kardashian Kollection Has Arrived!

Hey Dolls,

I hope you're all having a wonderful day, it is Friday after all! 
I don't know if about all of you, but I am a big lover of the Kardashians. I find them utterly entertaining and hilarious. Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is one of my not-so-guilty pleasures.

The Kardashians have launched everything from multiple books to, of course, their infamous reality show. The latest addition is their fashion line, which hit Irish shores yesterday! Rejoice fellow Kardashian lovers! Whatever you may think of the dark beauties, one thing is for certain, the girls got style. Sometimes their style is a little bit odd, and I blame Kanye for some of Kim's crazy looks. Regardless, their fashion line is curve-hugging and wearable. Of course, this line is not limited to curvy girls, but that's the target audience.

Personally, I found some of the clothes a little disappointing. The price range is expected. Not extremely inexpensive, but not overly expensive either. Somewhere in the middle, think Topshop prices. 

One thing I am a fan of is this sparkly blazer, priced at £50. It's perfect for the festive season. Also available in black.

The stand out section of the entire "kollection" are the handbags. I love them all! From everyday shoulder bags, to sparkly evening clutches, they really have ticked all the boxes.  I love this black studded shoulder bag below. It's gorgeous and not too pricey either, at £45.

I definitely think this line is something worth taking a look at. Now we can all look like Kardashians (I wish!).

Kardashian Kollection, available exclusively to Dorthy Perkins (UK/Ireland).

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

NOTD: Topshop's RazzMatazz

Hey Girlies,

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! I haven't done a Nails Of The Day post in quite some time, so I've decided it's about time. Today's nail polish is appropriately titled "RazzMatazz", pretty jazzy don't you think?! 

Topshop always tends to do a lovely job regarding packaging. The classic, kitsch polka dot top and clear bottle with the cute writing is always a winner in my book.

With regards to the actual colour, this is a gorgeous sparkly shade! It is very galaxy-esque. It took about four coats to build up full opacity, which isn't great but still manageable. The purple base is loaded with very fine silver and multi-coloured glitter, as well as larger chunks of glitter also. When the shade catches the light, it glistens blue, green and orange. It's gorgeous!

Overall, I think this shade is fabulous. Perfect for all you glitter and sparkle lovers out there!

Available from Topshop for £6.

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