Friday, 3 October 2014


Okay, so it's been a while. 

I know I've been a little (ahem, a lot) MIA for the past few months but I just needed a break from the blog. I am currently in my final year of school and unfortunately that has to be the priority in my life right now. That being said, I do miss blogging so I will by trying to post every now and again! Blogging is a hobby of mine and I do not want it to become a chore so I can't make any promising regarding regular posts. 

I would love to know what types of posts you'd all like to see from me though! I was lucky enough to visit Santorini, Greece over the Summer and it was fabulous. I may do a little post on that soon as the photos are just too pretty not to share! So keep checking up on my little section of the web because some life is being restored. Also let me know what you've all been up to as I'd love to hear.

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