Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Something Fun: Questionnaire!

Hello Lovelies,

I was just reading Amarixe's blog and she has just done this questionnaire. It looked fun so I thought I'd give it a shot! I'm sure you've heard of Allison from Amarixe. If not, make sure to check out her blog and YouTube channel! You won't be disappointed!

This is a fun questionnaire consisting 10 of questions. Let's get to it...

1.) Mood: 
Happy and content. I really have no reason not to be!

2.) Do you wear a piece of jewelry that you never take off?
Yes, actually. I wear my Claddagh ring pretty much every single day. 
I only take it off when I have to; which is usually for sports!

3.) If you had a free year to do anything you wanted
 (with unlimited funds to do so), how would you spend it?
That would be amazing! I would definitely do a lot of travelling and
 try to complete things I've always wanted to do. Visiting friends/family 
who live abroad would definitely be top of my list as well as bringing my
family on an amazing vacation!

4.) Current nail polish:
Right now I'm wearing a Nails Inc polish in 'Bluebell' that was especially
 for an Instyle magazine issue. I'm also wearing Nicole by OPI Kardashian 
 in 'Kendall on the Katwalk' as an accent on my ring finger.

5.) Have you been watching the Olympics?
Yes, I'm watching it right now actually! I haven't been watching all events 
though. I'm especially loving the gymnastics.

6.) Current outfit:
Well I'm having a lazy day today so it's a little embarrassing! 
I'm wearing sweatpants and a loose tee from Topshop, 
paired with slippers of course!

7.) What are your favorite pizza toppings?
Mmmm....I love sausage! I'm not very fussy though, I like most toppings.

8.) Who is your favorite Disney character?
My favourite princess has always been Belle from Beauty and the Beast
She's gorgeous and so lovely and independent. 
My other favourite character is Goofy, he's just so lovable!

9.) When it comes to shoes, flats or heels?
Well I love heels, but I honestly rarely wear them. 
I'm a flats girl for everyday but heels are amazing!

10.) Weekly goals:
I don't really know! I guess just be happy and be productive!

I hope you enjoyed this fun little post. I'd love for you to do it in the
comments section or on your own blog! 
Make sure to check out Amarixe as well and link it back to her!


Monday, 30 July 2012

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in 'Flushed' : Review & Swatches!

Hey Dolls,

I recently picked up a few bits in Boots, one of which being the new Revlon PhotoReady cream blush in the shade 'Flushed'. There are three shades of these blushes available; one being a nude-peach entitled 'Pinched' and the other being a coral, appropriately titled 'Coral Reef'.
I was immediately attracted to this gorgeous bright pink!

'Flushed' does look a bit intimidating in the pan, but once applied it is much sheerer. It applies easily and the colour can be built up from a very light, subtle pink or to a much brighter pink if that look is desired. It is easily blended also which is great. Overall, I really love the formula of the product though the pigmentation isn't as impressive as it appears to be in pan.

As far as packaging goes, it is simple yet sturdy. Nothing fancy here, just a plastic tub with the black screw on top.

This wears well, lasting for most of the day as long as you apply a fair amount. For application I use a stippling brush which makes blending a breeze. If you don't have a stippling blush, not to worry, just apply and blend with your fingers!

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying out this blush. It's very comfortable to wear and pretty affordable also. Currently it's available for €8.16 (sorry I'm not 100% sure on that price!) as an opening price from Boots, and I believe it will increase to around the €11 mark therefore after.

Thanks for reading Dolls! 'Hope you enjoyed!

Have you tried this blush?


Friday, 27 July 2012

Look For Less: Miley Cyrus!

Hello Lovelies,

Today I'm back with a 'Look For Less' post! This time, a Miley Cyrus look. Miley's style is a little risqué for most but this look is easily achieved and is pretty wearable also. 

For the shorts try any light-wash denim shorts. I love this pair of vintage high-waist Levi's, available from ASOS for €48.39 . High-waisted shorts are an essential, as they're extremely flattering and go with almost everything! The distressed hemline detail adds a little edge to the look also.

Lace is a huge trend and is one of my personal favourites. Miley is wearing a lace vest but this pretty top from ASOS is slightly more wearable. It's available here for a sale price of €11.75 (reduced from €48.39!). Pair it with a simple black bandeau. 

Miley's sunglasses are huge, round and fabulous! These sunglasses are very similar and at a fraction of the price! These are €17.97 from River Island, available through ASOS.

Next is just a simple black bag. I love this faux leather bag from River Island. It won't break the bank either, at €28.00 .

Now you've got the look!

Thanks for reading Dolls! 'Hope you enjoyed!


Disclaimer: Images from named stores. No copyright intended.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

NOTD: Essie Mint Candy Apple!

Hey Dolls,

I haven't done a "Nails Of The Day" post in quite some time. I love nail polish and this particular shade is quickly becoming one of my favourites. It's an infamous product with everyone and their mother seeming to own it.

Mint Candy Apple is a gorgeous pastel green. It's fabulous for Summer as it really compliments a tan. One thing I love about Essie polishes are their brushes. They're so lovely and big, making application a breeze.

The opacity of this shade is wonderful. Two coats is the maximum you need for perfection. The lasting power is however not so impressive. This lasts well but does chip quite easily.

If 'Mint Candy Apple' sounds good to you then check it out from online retailers such as www.feelunique.com . You can also purchase it from selected Boots stores for €12.50 as their major branches now have Essie stands (yippee!).

Thanks for reading Dolls! 'Hope you enjoyed!



Just to let you all know that this post was also written from my phone via the Blogger app so apologies for an mishaps regarding the layout.

* I have made some edits to this post since original publishing.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Max Factor Colour Effect FlipSticks: Review & Swatches!

Hey Ladies!

I hope you're all doing wonderfully! I'm off on holidays in Portugal at the mo. It is truly glorious here and I'm having an amazing time! Apologies for lack in blog posts but I'll do my best to blog on the go. Also apologies if this post looks a bit iffy, as I'm writing it on my phone via the Blogger app so I'm not sure how it'll turn out!

Anyway..on with the review! I've recently been loving these little beauties. They are basically two separate lipsticks on each side and when combined, create a beautiful ombré lip effect with ease. They come in 6 different shades, pictured is "Gipsy Red". This particular shade is a gorgeous orange-red and a pretty shimmery gold. They may seem a little far fetched but when paired, they create a stunning effect.

I am incredibly impressed in the quality of these FlipSticks. Each lipstick is extremely pigmented. They are a little drying so I would recommend applying a lip balm prior to applying this product. I didn't find them incredibly long lasting either but I do think they're worth checking out. They are extremely original and innovative and overall a great product!

They are available from Boots for a reasonable £8.49/€11.99. Thinking of it this way it's really only about €5.99 per lipstick!

Thanks for reading Dolls! Let me know if you've tried these out!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ways to Make Makeup Last Longer

Hey Sweeties,

With Summer here, it means (hopefully!) warmer weather. This means that makeup lasts a lot less longer and tends to melt right off. This is the purpose of this post, giving you ways to keep that makeup on without being caked in makeup!

• Primer

This isn't exactly original but it works! A good face primer definitely helps keep that makeup lasting the entire day, if not that then at least a few extra hours! Try the Smashbox primer, available here for €40. It comes in different varieties to suit all skin types. 

• Setting Spray

A perfect item for Summer. It adds no extra layers to your makeup but helps make it last for much longer! Urban Decay have a variety of setting sprays. They are all available from Debenhams, starting from €26. 

• Lightweight Powder

Powder is something you want to try and avoid during the Summer. If that's not an option then try an hydrating powder. This one from Smashbox is perfect and is suitably called the "Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder". Available here for a very pricey £65. 

Thanks for reading Dolls!
What are your tips for making your makeup last?



Travel Cosmetic Essentials!

Hello Lovelies,

Summer is here! For many that means jetting off somewhere sunny but if you're more of a staycation kinda gal, not to fret, this applies to all! Sometime during the Summer you're bound to be travelling somewhere. That may mean a seven hour flight or an half hour drive. Either way, you need to decide what are really worth packing. Nothing is worse than packing so many cosmetics that take up so much space, and you never even end up using half of them. Here are a few things that I consider essentials no matter where you're off to.

• BB Cream / Tinted Moisturiser

Ditch the foundation ladies! A BB cream provides a little coverage whilst still remaining light on the skin. Many of them also have decent SPF built in to protect from the sun. My personal fave is Maybelline's dream fresh BB Cream. If you are lucky enough to have relatively perfect skin you may be more tempted to try a tinted moisturiser. Not as much coverage here, but a nice wash of colour and usually some SPF built in too. I love the one by Dermalogica. Check it out here for a great price- €27.40!

• Moisturiser!

Plain and simple. Get one with an high SPF content to double up as sun screen. There are a ton out there!

• Aloe Vera Gel

Random? Yes. Necessary? Hell yeah!
Aloe Vera gel is very affordable and extremely multifunctional. It can be used as hair gel, shaving gel
etcetera. My personal favourite use is as an after sun and for heat rash. It's extremely soothing and cooling. Try this one for £3.99.

• Sudocrem

Again another random product but one of the most multifunctional. This can be used to cure acne, rashes and so many more. It's just a great product to whip out during mini skin emergencies. Widely available and extremely inexpensive! This cute little mini version is perfect for travelling and is cheap as chips at £1.99!

Mini Containers!

For all those travel essentials that just aren't available in mini sizes! These are super cute and extremely practical! They usually come with a few mini tubs and mini bottles to bring some of your favourite products on board with you if travelling by airplane. Check them out here.

If you're looking for more makeup essentials to last through the heat check out my Spring makeup Essentials post here.

Hope you enjoyed Dolls!
Are you jetting off anywhere lovely this Summer?


Monday, 2 July 2012

7 Things for 7 Days: Update!

Hey Sweeties,

A little less than two weeks ago I posted my "7 Things for 7 Days" post which you can check out here. It was based on a similar post by SprinkleofGlitter. Today I am updating you all on how I got on with attempting to achieve each mini goal I set for myself. They were nothing life-changing but were a small step in the right direction!

My first goal was to read. Sounds easy, but with so much technology, it's difficult to make time for the simple things in life. I'm happy to say I have started a book and I hope to finish it this week. I also bought two new books for my holiday next week. I used to be such a book worm and I feel that part of me is being re-ignited. Thumbs up for this goal!
My second goal was to relax. I feel this was pretty easy to do just for the simple reason that school has ended for the Summer. I didn't have my planned Lush bath but who cares! I have an entire vacay to do plenty of relaxing on. 
My third goal was to be healthy! I haven't succeeded amazingly nor have I failed miserably. I'm making an effort to eat healthier, which I am doing. My water drinking has gone pretty well too. Nothing too drastic here, but some minor improvements! I'm not awfully unhealthy either but do enjoy a little treat now and again!
My fourth aim was to exercise. I started quite well with this as I am doing some ab crunches and leg lunges plus trying to go on a walk on the days where I'm just lazy-ing about. Again, nothing major but an improvement.
The fifth goal was to organise. I did get tidying and sorted out my entire wardrobe but my bedroom still needs a bit of tidying! 
Sixth was to blog. I have been making an effort at this, but this is never a chore for me! This blog is a place for me to have fun and write about what I love and hopefully others will enjoy it too. 
Last but not least was to do something nice. I try to be as nice of a person as I can at all times. Sure, it doesn't always happen because everyone can get a bit grumpy now and again but overall I'm usually an happy person! I've been going on walks with my little sister which is fun and I try and do jobs arounf the house without being asked plus I'm volunteering this entire week for something that I shall not name!

I think overall I did a pretty good job. I'm going to try and keep these goals and won't be setting any new ones for the time being. Let me know if you are getting involved in this little "challenge" in the comments. If you'd like more information and would like to get involved, check out Sprinkleofglitter's post here

'Hope you enjoyed and thank for reading!


Disclaimer: Image 1- http://sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.com
Image 2: Google Images