Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Something Fun: Questionnaire!

Hello Lovelies,

I was just reading Amarixe's blog and she has just done this questionnaire. It looked fun so I thought I'd give it a shot! I'm sure you've heard of Allison from Amarixe. If not, make sure to check out her blog and YouTube channel! You won't be disappointed!

This is a fun questionnaire consisting 10 of questions. Let's get to it...

1.) Mood: 
Happy and content. I really have no reason not to be!

2.) Do you wear a piece of jewelry that you never take off?
Yes, actually. I wear my Claddagh ring pretty much every single day. 
I only take it off when I have to; which is usually for sports!

3.) If you had a free year to do anything you wanted
 (with unlimited funds to do so), how would you spend it?
That would be amazing! I would definitely do a lot of travelling and
 try to complete things I've always wanted to do. Visiting friends/family 
who live abroad would definitely be top of my list as well as bringing my
family on an amazing vacation!

4.) Current nail polish:
Right now I'm wearing a Nails Inc polish in 'Bluebell' that was especially
 for an Instyle magazine issue. I'm also wearing Nicole by OPI Kardashian 
 in 'Kendall on the Katwalk' as an accent on my ring finger.

5.) Have you been watching the Olympics?
Yes, I'm watching it right now actually! I haven't been watching all events 
though. I'm especially loving the gymnastics.

6.) Current outfit:
Well I'm having a lazy day today so it's a little embarrassing! 
I'm wearing sweatpants and a loose tee from Topshop, 
paired with slippers of course!

7.) What are your favorite pizza toppings?
Mmmm....I love sausage! I'm not very fussy though, I like most toppings.

8.) Who is your favorite Disney character?
My favourite princess has always been Belle from Beauty and the Beast
She's gorgeous and so lovely and independent. 
My other favourite character is Goofy, he's just so lovable!

9.) When it comes to shoes, flats or heels?
Well I love heels, but I honestly rarely wear them. 
I'm a flats girl for everyday but heels are amazing!

10.) Weekly goals:
I don't really know! I guess just be happy and be productive!

I hope you enjoyed this fun little post. I'd love for you to do it in the
comments section or on your own blog! 
Make sure to check out Amarixe as well and link it back to her!


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