Saturday, 22 June 2013

Instagram Diary #2

I need to start be apologising for my recent absence. I have spent the past three weeks in France with extremely limited internet access. I could only occasionally get internet on my phone, with no use of a computer and it was extremely difficult to type up blog posts. Anyway, I'm back for now! Here's a little look into my Instagram life....
From Top L-R: Bruno Mars Ticket// Germany snow// View of Frankfurt// Eiffel Tower// Delphi, Connemara// The Bay// Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Ticket// Cupcakes at baby cousin's birthday party//
The perfect duo- Justin Bieber & Chocolate!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!!

    Please visit .. I have a swarovski bracelet giveaway :)

    lots of love,


  2. love this and your blog hun! just followed you on blogger and bloglovin :) xx

  3. i love instagram too

  4. your instagram pictures are so good!

    id love if we both followed eachother on bloglovin?!let me know :)

    Ella x

    1. Aw thanks lovely! Checking out your blog now..x

  5. Lovely pictures!!

    Please visit my blog,

    Brittany, xx

  6. Lovely blog and I am going to follow you. I would be happy if you can check out my blog and follow me to :). I am from Slovakia and I started writing my posts in english too.


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