Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Guide To: Comfy Clothing

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I love comfy clothes. I often succumb to my tiredness in the mornings by throwing on a pair of leggings rather than attempting to put more effort in with a pair of jeans. On other days, when I get home from a long day of wearing jeans (or anything else I deem uncomfortable) I immediately change into one of my beloved pairs of lounging bottoms (aka tracksuit pants). Here is my guide to comfy clothing. 
All clothes from Wildfox
One of my all-time favourite brands in general is 'Wildfox'. I have talked about Wildfox in previous posts (I dedicated an entire post to the brand here). They are the ultimate Californian brand. Comfy clothes galore. If you ever see the brand in store, I urge you to just feel the clothes. I guarantee you, you will never have felt softer material in your life. My personal fave are their baggy beach jumpers. The epitome of comfort. Oh, and they're cute too- bonus! Only downside is that their stuff is pretty pricey, this is what I'd call designer comfort.

Now, onto the people who invented lounge-wear. From the people of Victoria's Secret, Pink. Pink is a brand entirely dedicated to comfy clothes and underwear. These are the people who brought us Yoga Pants. Regardless of that, they have a vast array of lounging wear and some very cute workout gear too. Again, the clothes are quite expensive but more reasonable than Wildfox.

They're my favourite brands for comfy clothing. The best part about these brands? It's completely acceptable to wear them outside the house! The perfect items if you're not feeling 100%, doing exams, studying or just running a few errands.

What are your favourite lounging-around brands?

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  1. Love this post, Pink is amazing <3 another amazing brand for sweat pants is Jack Wills, have loaaads of their stuff :) x

    1. Thanks a mil Kate :) Ooh I love Jack Wills! Their stuff is super expensive though :( x

  2. I love the star top. For lounging Lounge Lover is the best. I met the designer too and she is passionate about creating beautiful comfy clothes.
    Adela x

    1. Ooh sounds good! I'll definitely be checking out their stuff x

  3. I really want something from VS I would settle with anything, I love the Pink range though. I wish I could find something like that in the UK but I would need to travel all the way to London to get something from them! (I'm sure they have a shop there!)


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