Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My New Year's Resolutions for 2014!

Let me start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year! It is officially 2014 (scary, I know) and I'm being oh so original by making a few "resolutions". Now I'm not the biggest fan of that word because I believe it is often associated with things that never end up actually happening. I'm going to call them 'my little promises to myself that I will try my best to do', but that doesn't have quite the same ring to it does it? I guess "resolutions" will do for now. 

1. Healthy Eating/Fitness

I'm pretty sure this one is a general resolution with the majority of the world! No crazy diets here, but I have been getting into some healthy habits recently, however those went out the window during Christmas. I play basketball and attend Zumba classes and hope to start Pilates for this year. I'm also going to make a greater effort to go to the gym. As far as healthy eating goes, I am really into juicing lately and have a few recipes coming soon for you (check out my DIY Lean & Green juice here). I'm also going to try and make myself some healthy lunches for school.

2. Reading

With all the technology in the world, reading is something I don't tend to prioritise. I hope to rediscover my inner bookworm for 2014! Any book recommendations are very welcome and appreciated.

3. Study

Now I'm a pretty good studier, but I need to make sure I keep up to date with all my schoolwork and really put my head down for this year. 

4. Drink Water

This is an ongoing resolution for me. I'm always making an effort to drink more water as it's benefits are endless!

5. Be kind

Perhaps the most important resolution and quite a cheesy one nonetheless! Kindness is something that is often lacking and I hope to just be kind to everyone I meet and hopefully make more people smile. This includes being charitable and showing my appreciation for everyone in my life.

6. Just Say Yes

I tend to freak myself out over things and over-analyse situations. This often ends up in me turning things down and not going places. I want to teach myself to get over this and just say yes! What's the worst that can happen?

7. Sleep

I'm a total night owl and could easily go the entire night without sleeping. I need to gain some sort of a sleeping pattern! I can't see this really happening but it's worth a shot anyway. 

They are my resolutions for 2014, let me know what yours are in the comments and if we share any in common!

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    1. Thanks lovely! You too :) I'll definitely be taking a look at your blog x

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