Saturday, 18 February 2012

Little Announcement + Possible Giveaway

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to make this very quick post to let you in on a little upcoming idea of mine.  My blog is very new and I'm so appreciative to anyone who follows or reads my posts, so thank you to you all. If you are someone who reads my posts but doesn't follow please leave a comment below as I love hearing from anyone who reads this blog of mine.

As a small repayment and thanks to you, I want to hold a giveaway. At the moment I have too few followers to hold one (that's why I want you all to comment!) so I am waiting until I hit 50 Followers or until I know at least 50 people read my blog to hold it.

Not sure exactly what I will be giving away, but it will be something beauty related anywhoo! Just wanted to let you all know and say thank you to anybody reading :)


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