Wednesday, 20 June 2012

7 Things for 7 Days!

Hey Girlies,

This post is a step away from beauty and fashion, more of a lifestyle post! 
I am a huge fan of Louise, over on SprinkleofGlitter. She is the most wonderful, bubbly person and I really recommend you head over and check out her blog and Youtube channel. She will really brighten your day! Anyway, before I get carried away, I really should inform you about the purpose of this post.

Basically, Louise has set about this new idea of "7 things for 7 Days". This is where you make seven goals for yourself, no matter how big or small, to achieve during the week. They need not even be just for a week, but the "7 days" is a little bit catchier don't you agree?! Louise has kindly invited all of her fellow bloggers to join in and set their own goals too. For the full information and if you fancy getting involved-check out the post here.

So here are my goals that I hope to achieve. I will set my date for Saturday June 30th as it will mark the end of a week as well as the month of June. 

1. Read
As I have repeatedly mentioned (sorry about that!), I have recently been sitting exams. With all that I've had little time for reading and other down time. When I say reading, I mean reading outside of school books! Really I have just been neglecting reading for quite a while and the internet is a big factor that contributes to that. So I have made a little list of books I am planning to read! If you have any good, fictional books do let me know. I'm more of a fashion and also romance kinda gal but I'm up for anything!

2. Relax
As previously mentioned, I have had little time for just plain old "me" time. I am making it a goal to sit down and have a lovely Lush bath-simple as that!

3. Be healthy!
Yes, it is an annoying concept as being healthy is a constant topic of conversation everywhere- but it really is important! Especially with Summer being here, it's important to feel our best which contributes to looking our best. I'm not saying I'm going to go on any sort of diet, but cutting out junk food a little  and drinking lots of water is a small step in the right direction!

4. Exercise
This relates to number 3. Again, nothing drastic here but a few abdominal crunches and leg lunges here and there won't do any harm. I'm off on holiday in a few weeks so I want to feel confident as Summer clothing isn't always the most forgiving!

5. Organise
I really need to get on track tidying and organising! It isn't the most fun thing in the world but it needs to be done!

6. Blog
This little baby right here! I have not been the best blogger this past month but that is soon to change. I have lots of ideas for posts and make sure to always let me know if you have any requests as I would be only delighted to hear them!

7. Do Something Nice
Yes, it is simple and something that probably shouldn't have to be put on a list, but it's something we forget a lot. I really do believe that the key to happiness is making others happy. I'm not suggesting you have to volunteer at a shelter- though that would be great- but something from home is just as effective. I might just do something to help my parents out, or bring my little sister for a day out. All these little things make a difference and can hopefully make someone happier!

So they are my 7 things to do over the next 7 days (more or less!). Feel free to join in on the fun too!

Check back in the next week or so and I will do an update on each "goal" to see how I've done!

Thanks for reading dolls! Hope you enjoyed. 
Let me know what your goals are in the comments!


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  1. All of your goals are things I need or want to do :)

    Tanesha x

    1. Awh really? We can try and achieve them together haha! x

  2. Aw I'm doing this as well, we have a couple the same. Best of luck with yours! x


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