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Review: Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

Hey Sweeties,

I hope you're all doing well, and nicely settling back into some sort of a schedule, as Summer is sadly over (for most of us anyway!). I recently picked up my second Cupcake fresh face mask from Lush and have decided to share my thoughts and experience with you.

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This product is aimed at the oilier-skinned folk, such as myself and those who suffer from acne. Specifically, this was made for teenagers who want something to help keep their skin clear, oil at bay and is still fun and not too harsh! This mask has linseed infusion to nourish and soften the skin, fresh mint for toning, cocoa butter to moisturise and rhassoul mud to absorb grease and give a deep cleanse.

The first thing I noticed is that look of this mask, it truly looks like mud! I applied generously on a makeup-free face, avoiding the eye area. Lush recommends to leave on for 5-10 minutes and then simply wash off. As you apply the mask, you will notice small, soft white bits dispersed throughout the mask, which I think may be cocoa butter though I am honestly unsure. 

Once I washed off this mask, my skin felt amazingly soft and very fresh. It does absorb oil, but not permanently. I did notice my skin to clear up and any redness seemed to ease. 

The one thing I'm not too crazy about is that this mask has to be kept in the fridge. This isn't a huge deal, but it means it's not a mask to travel with, nor does it last for a huge amount of time. These lasts approximately one month from the day it is made but usually you will not have bought it on the exact day it has been made. I have never actually used a full pot by the use by date! There is plenty in the container and should last you at least 5-6 applications.

Overall, I really enjoy this face mask and will continue to repurchase whenever I'm in a Lush store (which is not too often unfortunately!). I would definitely recommend this if you're either new to face masks or have teenage, oily, blemish-prone, sensitive skin!

Available from Lush stores for £5.95/75g .

Have you tried any Lush products?


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