Tuesday, 18 September 2012

September Madness!

Hey Dolls,

Let's just cut to the chase, where have I been? I am very sorry for my recent absence here in the blogging world. I honestly have just been feeling a little uninspired and have had nothing to write about. I feel as if it would be worse to write lacking posts than to not write any at all. I want to deliver posts that I believe would be interesting.

So I'll just give a little update on my life.... I've started back at school and I've been spending the past few weeks getting back into the swing of things! Summer is fantastic, with it's lack of schedule and oodles of freedom, however, reality has been restored and I am gradually easing into a routine. My various activities are beginning to commence so it's all been a little crazy and I truly haven't made the time to blog. 

I have also just been given my Dad's camera to use for my blog which is quite exciting! Only issue is trying to figure it out. I have photos taken, I just need to figure out how to upload them onto my computer as the camera's battery seems to have some issues!

Anyway, I'm excited to get back into blogging, share with you some products and maybe expand my blog. More fashion posts and lifestyle too. Please do let me know what type of posts you enjoy reading because it will really help me out when I'm feeling that bit uninspired!

I hope you're all doing fabulous and, as always, thanks for reading!


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