Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Garnier BB Cream for Combination-Oily Skin: Review & Swatch

Hey Girlies,

I am a self-confessed BB Cream junkie! Sure, I haven't tried them all, but they are my go-to product. BB stands for 'Blemish Balm' for those of you that don't know! It's what I'd call halfway between 
tinted moisturiser and foundation. My most recent BB Cream trial was with the Garnier BB Cream for combination to oily skin. 

I'll start by saying that I love the packaging. Sleek, shiny and compact. It's my favourite packaging that I've seen on a BB Cream to date. It contains 40ml of product, and feels very high-end. The product is dispensed through a thin nozzle, which makes it easy to dispense the correct amount of product.

The actual product inside is lightweight, yet still creamy. Not as creamy as the Maybelline BB cream, but still moderately creamy. Once applied, it goes on very thinly but has amazing coverage for the thin layer. It is also quite matte once applied. 

On my skin, it typically lasts for around 5-6 hours (with powder) before signs of wear are visible. By the 8 hour mark, it tends to go quite patchy.
Swatch in the shade medium

Overall, I think this is a good BB cream. Nothing to rave about, but still good. It provides more coverage than a lot of BB creams I've tried and I definitely prefer it to the original Garnier BB Cream. I don't think it has great lasting power though, I hate how patchy it tends to get by the end of the day.

Available from Boots for €13.99 in either light or medium.

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