Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bargain Buy: Satchel-style Leather Handbag!

Hey Sunshines!

Don't you just love a great bargain? 
The other day I was taking a look around Penneys (that's Primark for the British folk!).
I was just browsing around, not expecting to see much. 
I am never the one who seems to find amazing bargain buys in Penneys, but that has now changed, yay! The minute I purchased this, I knew I had to share it with all of you!

This particular medium-sized bag caught my eye, and I immediately fell in love. 
I have been looking for a satchel-style bag similar to this for such a long time. 
When I saw this I thought, okay it's gorgeous, but something tells me it's going to be pricier than the average Penneys stock, I was thinking maybe around the €13 mark.
To my utter excitement this was, wait for it, only €7!
That was it- I was sold!

This bag, is what I would consider to be a satchel-style hand bag/cross-body bag. 
The material is faux leather with gold hardware. The bag has everything an expensive bag would have; pockets, detailing, zippers- you get the picture! 
On the very top there is a brown zipper, which leads to the main compartment, which contains a separate smaller compartment inside. There is then the gold zipper with a tassel puller, which leads to a medium sized pocket compartment. The final compartment is the buckled compartment. This is at the very front of the bag, and can be seen in the pictures.

The detailing of this bag is very impressive, especially considering the price tag!
Firstly, the adjustable strap is super convenient, enabling the bag to be worn in a variety of ways- shoulder, cross body etc.. The strap is attached to the bag with two gold rings. There is also gold studding as well as tassels, which all make the bag appear to much more expensive than it really is!

One more thing to mention, is that the leather is lined with a mesh style material in the inside. Overall the bag looks high quality and relatively sturdy.

I would highly recommend this bag if you are looking for something convenient that isn't super big but neither too small. It carries everything you need whilst still remaining light weight and easy to carry.

Round-Up: Inexpensive, convenient, stylish bag that everyone should own!

This is available from Penneys/Primark in the UK and Ireland and anywhere that has these stores, for €7.00 which will probably be around ₤5/6. This should still be available as I only purchased it a few days ago, but hurry as I can imagine they will sell out fast! Available in tan (pictured),
pink/coral and light blue.

Thanks for reading dolls! 
Have you found any amazing deals recently?


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