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My Favourite Skin care Brand!

Hello Lovelies,

With so many skin care brands out there, all promising to solve your greatest skin concern, it's very difficult to know what's worth investing in, and what really isn't. I'm certainly no expert on skin care, but I have tried my fair share of products! 

First off, let me tell you my skin type and my skin concerns, because if you have an entirely different skin type/concern then my preferred products may not be very useful to you. I have oily-combination skin. It varies from time of year. Usually in the Winter time, I tend to get some dry patches around my cheeks. In the Summer/Spring tim, my skin is mostly oily, mostly in the T-Zone area
 (that's forehead,nose, chin).

My skin concerns? Well, there are a few... Blemishes are a major one. I'm lucky to not have severe acne or anything that can't be cured over the counter. I have typical young, blemish-prone skin. My skin is also quite sensitive, so redness is a big concern also. Even though I don't tend to have a lot of active acne, once I get a blemish and it goes away, there's that awful red mark left behind. It's not a scar as such, as it's not indented into my skin and does eventually fade, it just takes a while. 

Now onto the products! Like I've said, I've tried a fair few products especially those aimed at my skin concerns. From Clearasil, Clean&Clear, Neutrogena, Simple, Garnier.... You get the picture!
Of all the brands I have ever tried my favourite and the one I have seen the most results with is dermalogica. 

Dermalogica is based in the USA but is available world-wide. They offer products for every skin concern and skin type, no matter what age you are, so even if the products I use won't suit you, I encourage you to check out some of their other products.

I had been using their Clean Start range up to a little over a month ago. Up until then, I had been using it for about a two years. I do still use a few products from the range, but not as much as I used to. 
This range is targeted at mostly adolescent skin. The range contains eight products and three different categories of products:  

1. Getting Clean: This step involves cleansing and toning.
2. Taking on Issues: This step is all about tackling blemishes and clearing your skin
3. Protecting Skin: This step is about protecting your skin from the environment and the sun.

You don't need to use every product in this range to see results. I recommend choosing a few products that you think would suit your skin best. If you know of a retailer that sells Clean Start, why not request a few samples? Also a great way to get started is with the Clean Start Skin Kit. This kit contains five miniature products from the range, at least one from each category. It retails for ₤22.50/€ and is definitely worth trying out if your thinking about looking into this range.
My personal faves from the range are the "wash off" face wash, the "hit the spot" spot gel, the "welcome matte spf15" moisturizer and the "bedtime for breakouts" clearing gel. 
Checkout a full list of their products over on their website. Also note that the products are substantially cheaper than their normal range products- great for teens on a budget!

Now onto what I am now using- and loving! 
I decided to change over to some new products. The reason being that, because I had been using the others for so long, my skin had almost become too used to the products that they weren't working as well as they once had. They weren't causing me any trouble, just not clearing my skin as much. My skin basically needed something a bit stronger. I knew I wanted to stick with Dermalogica so I talked to some beauticians in my local salon and they recommended I try out the Dermal Clay Cleanser. I really can't say enough good things about it!

This is what Dermalogica say about it themselves:

Water-soluble Bentonite and Kaolin clays combine with purifying botanical extracts and refreshing Menthol to remove excess oils and refine skin’s texture. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

How to use it: I use this every morning and night. You basically just dampen your face and then take about a grape sized amount and rub in circular motions into your skin. If your just using it as a cleanser then rinse with warm water. This doubles up as a face mask, so if you decide you want a deeper cleanse then leave on for about ten to fifteen minuted and rinse. 

My thoughts: This is targeted at oily skin types and definitely helps get rid of excess oil production, without drying out my skin. This is super easy on the skin and not harsh at all, so will work great for sensitive skin types also. It leaves a refreshing, cooling sensation and just leaves you feeling so clean! 
This has helped calm my redness and help prevent blemishes also.

If this brand sounds good for you I would definitely recommend heading over to their website and taking the "speed mapping" quiz. This basically figures out your major skin concerns, skin type etc. so that Dermalogica can help you pick what products will work for you. After finding out your recommendations you could head into your local salon, that sells Dermalogica and request a few samples. If this option isn't available to you, Dermalogica offer mini versions of many of their products that are great to trial. 

Dermalogica Ireland website:
Dermalogica UK website:
Dermalogica USA website:

Irish websites selling the brand: Kudos Beauty , .

Thanks for reading dolls!
What's your favourite skin care brand?


P.S: I am in no way affiliated with Dermalogica. This post is not sponsored and all products I have used are purchased by me. I really just love the brand and thought I'd share it with you! xo


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