Friday, 29 March 2013

Review: MAC Dazzle Lash Mascara

Hey Dolls,

Mascaras are one beauty product that many agree can be bought from the high street and don't need to be forked out for. I can agree with this, as nearly all my mascaras are drugstore brands, but a few of my favourites are from the higher end brands. The MAC Dazzle Lash mascara is something I haven't heard a lot about. I'll let you in on my thoughts of the product.

I'll start with the packaging, as this is always important in my opinion. At first glance, this packaging seems very basic- a simple black tube. However, if you look closely there are tiny sparkles all over the tube, and the cap has a different texture to the tube. I love this packaging as it's sturdy, sleek and pretty.

Now for the actual product! The wand looks quite basic, but is unique in it's size. It is quite small and slim and is very handy for grabbing every lash, including the tricky inner and outer lashes. It is great for precision, and is very easy to use without causing any smudges.

This mascara is in the shade "Black Dazzle"
The formula is nice and smooth and doesn't cause any clumps. It is definitely more of a lengthening mascara rather than volumising. Perfect if you are looking for a mascara that provides length, definition and a natural effect.
Please note that I always curl my lashes prior to applying mascara as I have extremely straight lashes.
The one downside to this product is the lasting power. It tends to fade after around 5 hours but does keep your lashes looking curled throughout the entire day.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this mascara as it is great for lengthening and for everyday wear. However, there are many other less expensive mascaras that can provide the same effect.

Dazzle Lash Mascara is available from MAC Stores and counters for €16.50. 
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