Friday, 22 March 2013

Travel Diary #2: Frankfurt, Germany

Hello Darlings,

I need to start by apologising for my recent absence. I went to Frankfurt on a last minute trip and was very busy whilst there so didn't get a chance to blog. Anyway, enough with the excuses- I thought I might as well fill you in on the details of my trip.

From Top L-R: Starbucks; Delicious sliders; snow!; pretty architecture; birds eye view; irish accent spray; European Central Bank; The contrasts of Frankfurt; Visit to Jewish Museum

This collage gives a quick glance of my trip. Of course, every trip has to start with a Starbucks, in this case in the form of a strawberry frappuccino! The purpose of the trip was to gain some work experience as well as just experiences in general. I was working in a conference and in a play-school for a day, respectively. I also got to experience German school- which was difficult as I don't speak any German!

Apart from work, I did have the chance to explore Frankfurt. One thing that reminded me of home was the spray that claims to give you an Irish Accent that I spotted in Urban Outfitters. I also saw the somewhat famous European Central Bank symbol. On my last day I visited a Jewish Museum which was extremely interesting and provided me with great insight into the lives of Jews in Germany. The Jewish history in Germany is a very sensitive topic but very important also. The visit to the museum gave me a lot of knowledge that I believe I would never otherwise have been provided with. 

Overall, the trip provided me with many great life experience and I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to experience Frankfurt. If you enjoy these types of posts, do checkout my first Travel Diary here. If you don't fancy these posts- not to worry! I'll be back with fashion and beauty related posts very soon.

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