Monday, 6 May 2013

Being Confident in Your Own Skin!

Confidence is a tricky trait. It's difficult to get right. You want to be confident enough without seeming cocky, but you still want enough confidence so that you're not shy. It's also a thing that varies with age. When you're a little tot, I feel it's a lot easier to be confident. You don't really have a care in the world, and certainly don't think about others opinions of yourself. Then the teenage years come along and for most people, their confidence crashes. Suddenly you value everyone else's opinions so much more than your own. 
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 The reason I've decided to talk about confidence is because even though everyone is always saying "be confident", there are so many things that seemed to be trying to knock our confidence. Image is a huge factor. "Am I too fat/too thin?", "I love this dress, but will my friends think its weird", these are just a number of things that run through our minds very frequently.

 Also, even though my blog is partially based on this, what about makeup? Makeup is a wonderful thing of course but it definitely plays with confidence. Some people can't go outside the door without makeup on because they simply don't feel confident without it. I'm not super condfident with my skin, as I have teenage skin. So it's sensitive and red sometimes and also blemish-prone. I'm lucky enough to not have severe acne but I'm still not 100% confident going completely bare-faced. Recently, I was on a school outdoor overnight trip so I ended up having to go completely makeup-free. It was completely refreshing and made me realise I didn't need makeup all of the time to feel confident. Honestly, the only person who notices and cares is yourself. It made me a lot more comfortable in my own skin. What I'm saying is that even though I love wearing makeup I think it's good to go a day in between wearing no makeup, or very little. Just so that makeup doesn't become something that's essential for you to feel confident.

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That's just a tip I have to boost confidence. Remember that the person who cares the most about your appearance or whatever else, is yourself. If you're wearing no makeup, I guarantee you no one will notice it in a negative way and if they do, then who needs them? The same with anything confidence related. If you want to go for that main role in your school show, or the big promotion at work, then go for it!

The only person stopping you, is you. 

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