Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Best Foundations (#TheSOProject)

Another week, another instalment of The Starting Off Project. If you don't know what #TheSOProject click here

 This is week number three. Week one was Skincare and last week was concealer. Today I'm bring you my recommendations for foundations!

When it comes to bases, I like to keep it light for everyday where. If you're more into heavy coverage- I'm afraid these products won't be for you. I believe makeup should enhance your natural beauty, rather than cover up your entire face. That is why I've chosen these products!

First up is the 'Rimmel Wake Me Up' foundation. This is a loved foundation by many. It gives a gorgeous light coverage, but still covers everything. It's quite dewy and has a very faint shimmer, which isn't very noticeable but just provides a nice glow to the skin. This is my favourite drugstore foundation. It's perfect for those days where you want extra coverage, but don't feel like wearing a lot of makeup or you just want pretty, natural-looking coverage. To see a full in-depth review click here.

€10.99 Boots - link

The latter of the two products is Garnier BB Cream for oily skin. I love this product and out of all the BB Creams I've tried, this is definitely my favourite. It gives amazing coverage for a BB Cream, and allows your skin to breath at the same time. This is the perfect product if you're still in school or just don't really like the feel of typical foundations. Again, I've also previously reviewed this item so click here if you're interested.

Currently €10.99 (usually €13.99) Boots- link

Foundation Tips 

  • Blend, blend, blend. Please do not allow yourself to have a line between your jaw and neck. Blend in your foundation!
  • Less is more- do not cake on product. You can always add more where you need it, it's a lot more difficult to take off product if you overdo it.
  • If you have good skin- don't wear foundation! This is particularly for young teenagers. Hold off wearing heavy makeup for as long as possible. A little concealer and powder is all you need!
  • Try not to wearing foundation everyday. This has benefits for your skin but also mentally. If you don't wear makeup everyday, you won't feel the need for it to make you feel pretty. Also, don't worry about other people's opinions, the only person who cares is you- trust me!

I hope these tips and recommendations have helped you. Let me know any tricks you have and your favourite products! 

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