Friday, 6 September 2013

Review + Swatches | L'Oréal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

Do you ever come across a product where you wonder how it was never invented before this, yet the idea never even entered your mind? Well the new Magic Nude Liquid Powder by L'Oréal is one of those products!

I picked up this baby on holiday in Florida (read all about it here). Since then I have been absolutely loving this product. It's a bit of a new concept in the beauty world so I'll give you low-down on it before letting you know my thoughts. Basically this looks like a light liquid foundation-type product at first glance. However, once applied you begin to see the magic of the product. It glides on to a powder-finish - no greasy looking faces here! It is described as a 'skin perfecting base' and I cannot argue with that. It provides great coverage for such a light base and creates a flawless complexion. Of course, for major blemishes and under-eye circles you may need some extra coverage with a concealer but otherwise it does a great job of perfecting any minor imperfections. 

The packaging is also very sleek and looks much more expensive than it is. It comes in a glass bottle that has an ombre effect. The dispenser isn't the most convenient as you basically have to pour out the product onto your fingers, which isn't the easiest to control. Besides that and the fact that it isn't very travel-friendly, the packaging is pretty and will look lovely on your makeup stand!

My favourite part about this product is the way it feels. It really feels like you haven't got any makeup on at all, yet it makes my skin look so much better than many heavier foundations do. Plus it has built-in SPF 18. Lasting power is good, about the same as any typical foundation and usually lasts about eight hours with wear signs around the 5 hour mark. Another bonus is that there is a range of twelve shades which is quite impressive for a lower-end brand.

Now on to the downside. Unfortunately there has to be one. This product is quite difficult to get your hands on. If you live State-side it's easy, it's available anywhere L'Oréal is sold. If you live in Ireland/UK/Europe or anywhere else for that matter, you're gonna have some difficulties. I will link some sites where you can purchase the product below but I'm really hoping L'Oréal release this product here soon because I really don't know what I'll do when I run out! The main message here is if you can, I 100% recommend picking up this product as it's quickly becoming a firm favourite of mine.

L'Oréal Magic Nude Liquid Powder- $12.95 here

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  1. Sounds really interesting would like to try it!

  2. Lovely review, I actually spotted it on a stand in my Asda yesterday so I take it it has made it to the uk! Woo!


    Megan x

    1. Yay! That makes me so excited-thanks for letting me know! x

  3. Great review, would love to try it! :)

    xo, Inês

  4. It looks lovely, I have never heard of this before. I would love to try it out.
    Check and follow my blog if you like,
    xoxo Nika


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