Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Colour of the Year: Tangerine!

Hey Sweeties,

You may be aware that Tangerine has been announced as the colour of the year for 2012. Unfortunately, tangerine isn't the easiest colour to wear and doesn't suit the best of us. Luckily for me, I actually love the colour and suits my colouring quite well. It generally suits tanner skin tones and darker colouring in general. If this doesn't really apply to you, fear not, I have rounded up some tangerine coloured items that are wearable to everyone and anyone!

1. Blusher

An orange blusher is fabulous to add a pop of colour to your cheeks, and bang on trend too! This shade is Modern Mandarin and costs ₤17.50 available on their website.

2. Nail Polish

What easier way to tie in the colour of the year but with some nail polish? 
These shades are gorgeous! This polish is from the Holland Collection, entitled "A Roll in the Hague". It is available from www.beautyfeatures.ie for €11.99. 

3. Lipstick

Lipstick is also a great way to tie in some tangerine and can also transform a look. This shade is called Infrared available from Topshop for ₤8. You may have heard it being raved about from the lovely Zoe from Zoella so it's bound to be a good one!
4. Purse

This is another simple way to tie in the bright orange. Also, how cute is this purse? It is available from River Island for ₤15.00 .
5. Jewellery 

Another easy way to wear some tangerine! This ring is just an example of the gorgeous jewels available on the market. Available from Topshop for ₤8.50 .

6. Handbags

How gorgeous is the very raved about Rebecca Minkoff bag in - wait for it- tangerine! It is a little pricey at €154.43 from www.shopbop.com.

'Hope you like the post dolls!
What do you think of the 'Colour of the Year'?



  1. That OPI polish is a lovely shade!



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