Monday, 2 April 2012

Spring Makeup Essentials!

Hey Dolls,

Spring has arrived! There is a bit of a transition, regarding makeup, from Autumn and Winter to Spring and Summer. This is mostly due to the weather. We can pull off heavier makeup in the cooler months, but in the sun we need lighter makeup and makeup that can take the heat.

1. BB Cream: 

I'm sure you've all heard of BB Cream, which stands from Beauty Balm by the way. I have been converted to this wonderful middle between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation. Basically it's great for Spring because it's light and contains SPF to protect you from the sun's harmful rays. Garnier is the one I've tried and I've loved. For a full review and swatches see here. It is available from Boots for €14.99. 

2. Lip & Cheek Stain:
 Lip and cheek stains are fabulous for warm weather. They last through the heat and are also so versatile- 2 in 1 product alert! The colour of this particular product pictured is Benefit's Cha Cha Tint. It's a beautiful coral shade and perfect for Spring. Available here for ₤24.50.

3. Lip Butters!

Yes I have jumped on the Revlon Lip Butter bandwagon! They are amazing. Soft, moisturizing and quite pigmented as far as lip butters go. The one pictured is in Lollipop. I love this shade. It's a gorgeous purple-pink and is actually really pigmented! Much more than I thought it would be.
These are available from Boots for around €11.99/₤7.99.

4. Cream Blush:

Cream Blushes are great for Spring as they are super long-lasting. This shade, So Sweet, So Easy, is gorgeous! I don't actually own this blush but I am really tempted to try it out after seeing these pics online! Gorgeous. Check it out here for ₤17.50.

5. Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows:

These are so gorgeous and great for Spring as, once again, they're super long lasting. The colour names vary from US to UK/Ireland. For example this picture says "Bad to the Bronze" which is the US name but over here the same shade is called "On and On Bronze". They are really versatile and last for hours, no primer needed! They are only ₤4.99 from Boots.

6. MAC Tendertones:

Another rave product here in the blogosphere. Tendertones are basically a super creamy lip balm with SPF12. They are ₤11/€14. They may be available in some MAC stores/counters but unfortunately are sold out on their website except for the shade Tread Gently (pictured). For a full review see here.

That's it! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. 
Let me know your Spring makeup essentials in the comments below!


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