Friday, 30 March 2012

NOTD: Topshop Hidden Treasure!

Hey Dolls,

I've recently become a huge fan of Topshop's makeup range. It really is fabulous! Anything I've tried, which honestly isn't a huge amount, I've loved. One of my more recent purchases is one of their nail polishes, called Hidden Treasure. It's a fab dupe for Chanel's "Péridot" polish and is a fraction of the price.

This colour is truly stunning and original. The photo doesn't really do it justice. The colour in the bottle is how it looks like on your nails, which isn't always the case with nail polishes. It's a green-gold colour. The colour changes in different lighting. In bright lighting it's gold and then at different angles it's green.

Consistency: This polish has an average consistency. It really only takes two coats to gain a perfect opacity. I was impressed.

Lasting Power: The lasting power was very impressive. It lasted about five days really well. It only needs the odd touchup and I'm sure it would last even beyond a week. I did have a top coat though.

Removal: This removed like every normal non-glitter polish. Easily.

Price/Availability: This is available in most Topshop stores and on their website for ₤6.

Overview: I was really impressed with this product. The colour is original and gains lots of compliments. The lasting power was superb and for the price, it's an awesome buy!

Rating: 9/10

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