Wednesday, 14 March 2012

NOTD: Nails of the Day!

Hey Lovelies,

It's NOTD time! Which stands for Nails Of The Day, incase you may have been wondering.
Spring has arrived which means it's time to take out that bright nail polish again, yay!

I've decided to go for some graduated glitter-tipped nails. I know they may not to be everybody's preference, but I think they're pretty and girly!

 The nails polishes I am wearing is a pretty medium to light pink on the base and a glitter over. The pink is from the "Fearne Perfect Polish" set from Boots, which I received as a gift. It's pretty but I don't really like the formula too much. They're currently on sale for ₤1.37. Check it out here

As for the gorgeous glitter, it is the polish 'Set in Stones' by Essie, as part of there 'luxe effects' collection. I am so obsessed with this polish! It is basically just thick glitter. If you don't like sparkle, steer clear. However, if you like a bit of bling, like myself, buy this right now. I bought mine from the beloved for a reasonable €9.50.

How do I achieve the graduated glitter effect?
My nails aren't exactly graduated glitter style but how I achieved the above look was by painting the pink colour as a base. I then let that dry. Then I applied the glitter polish lightly about half way down the nail. Then just apply more glitter heavier on the tip of the nail. Let dry, and voila!
Check out this wonderful video by a favourite Youtuber of mine, SprinkleofGlitter. She does a great tutorial on graduated glitter nails:


  1. Pink and Silver! That is a great colour combo! What is the Essie like to remove?

    1. Thank you! Actually after about three days mine just peeled off very easily so I didn't have to remove it with nail polish remover. It most likely peeled due to the pink polish though. I'll let you know when I find out! Sorry for not being able to answer your question properly


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