Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Many Wonders of Vaseline Lip Products...

Hello Beauties,

I'm currently sitting here, in bed, feeling a little ill, so thought what better way to cheer me up than write a blog post? And a random one at that, I may add. No, you didn't read the title wrong, this post is really about Vaseline and it's various purposes. Let's dive right in shall we?

The Giant Tin- Containing all 4 types of Vaseline.

What is it? Vaseline is actually a brand name but is one that has really become a product in itself. They sell various body products but I'm focusing on their lip jellies. If you don't know what vaseline is, which I'm sure you probably do, I'll give you a little roundup of the product. It is literally petroleum jelly and comes in a small tin. It's inexpensive and widely available. It's most commonly used as a lip balm, but you'll soon realise there's many more functions to this little tin than meets the eye.

1. Lips: Most obviously this can be used as a lip balm. This wouldn't really be my favourite use as I don't find it incredibly nourishing for the long term. This is because as it contains petroleum jelly so, your lips become dependent on it.

2. Heels: It may sound odd but this product is fabulous to but on your heels, or anywhere on your feet, that is prone to blisters. I've put it on the heels of my feet when wearing uncomfortable shoes and it's worked wonders!

3. Eyebrows: I use this as an eyebrow gel. It may not last the entire day but it certainly does a good job in keeping my eyebrows in place and preventing stray hairs! 

4. Eyelashes: I sometimes use this as a clear mascara. Just apply with your finger and it works great. I'd say it works best with dark lashes but give it a go even your fair! Some people also say applying onto the lashes at night helps them grow- not sure about that but it's worth a try!

5. Cuticles: Putting a little vaseline onto your cuticles can help nourish and heal them if needed.

6. Moisturizer: This can basically be put anywhere to help nourish and moisturize dry skin. 

7. Perfume: Vaseline apparently helps scents last longer if applied onto areas where perfume has been applied. 

8. Removing False Lashes: Never tried this but apparently vaseline can help remove false eyelash glue!

9. Insulation: This would probably only apply if you swim in the ocean but if generously applied all over the body can help keep you warm and insulate the heat!

10. Eases Punctures: This doesn't only apply to beauty. For example, if you're pumping a ball or a tyre or something of the sort, if you apply a little vaseline onto the area where you insert the pump, it eases the insertion of the pump. Weird I know, but it really does come in handy! The same applies if inserting earrings!

So that's my post on top ten wonders of Vaseline! Vaseline petroleum lip jelly is available in various "flavours". These including: original, aloe vera, rose and almond oil, sun protection (with spf15) and cocoa butter. There is also a new limited edition créme brûlée flavour apparently- sounds delicious!
Vaseline retails for usually €1.90 and is available from most pharmacies/drugstores.

Thanks for reading dolls!
Have you tried any of these strange uses?


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