Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Review | OPI Ridge Filler

Hello Lovelies,

I am definitely one of those girls who loves painting their nails! I love to switch up my polish frequently and if I'm feeling daring, I'll attempt a bit of nail art. The only trouble with this is that all this nail polish tends to cause a bit of damage to my nails. I decided I really needed a new base coat, and decided to try out OPI's Ridge Filler.

This milky-coloured polish is a base coat that is applied prior to application of your nail colour. This is the perfect polish for you if your nails tend to peel. It fills in any ridges and unevenness in the nails. This makes main polish application very simple and helps the polish to glide on smoothly.

 I found this polish to really work and helps improve the over all texture of nails and definitely prevents discolouration. When you take off your nail polish you'll be able to see the ridge filler as it leaves your nails looking slightly white. I like this as it prevents your nails from turning that unsightly yellow colour that tends to happen from deep nail colours.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this polish if you are looking for a new base coat. It fills in ridges, prevents discolouration and helps polish last longer also.

OPI Ridge Filler available here on sale from €10.50 to €5.50 

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