Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Travel Diary #3: Paris!

Bonjour Cheri,

I feel everyone has some strange obsessions with certain things or places. Mine happens to be with Paris- in particular, the Eiffel Tower, so when I was offered to go on a short trip to Paris with my Dad, I was super excited! I only went for one night and two days but managed to fit in everything I wanted to. I have visited Paris previously so have already visited places such as the Louvre and the Notre Dame, so I just went to a few specific places this time round.

Top L-R: Brandy Melville store//Hot chocolate//views from Eiffel Tower
First stop was Brandy Melville which is quickly becoming my number one favourite clothing store. Their clothing is so cute, comfortable and chic- very my style. They currently have no locations in Ireland but do have one location in Paris, so of course I made sure to stop by and pick up a few bits.

After my shopping trip, we headed to the infamous and beautiful Eiffel Tower. For me this was a highlight as I have quite the obsession with the Eiffel Tower. I can't explain why, nor do I know why but it's just one of those things I really love.

Eiffel Tower pics including selfies with the Eiffel Tower! (Bottom right)

The final exciting aspect of my trip was seeing L'Arche de Triomphe, another very famous Parisian landmark. The exterior gives the impression of simplicity but it is in fact very detailed and intricate- overall, very beautiful.

I very much enjoyed my quick, but lovely trip to Paris. It is what I can only describe as beautiful. Everything from the building to the landmarks even to the people, it is all very pretty and to look at the city alone is an activity in itself.  

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  1. Hello!
    Beautiful photos! I love traveling! hope i can visit Europe one day :)

    1. Thank you very much! I love travelling too, thanks for the comment xx


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